A strategy driven entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience creating, operating and building brands. I am a passionate marketer and strategic thinker with an innate ability to visualize the big picture and differentiate a product and brand in a competitive market.

With expertise in strategy, creative and marketing, I quickly articulate a brand story and develop business strategies that connect with the consumer audience and exceed business goals. I stand behind what I build and pride myself on being a hard worker, problem solver and motivational leader and co-worker.

Case Study

Tula Plants & Design

Co-Founder & CEO
November 2015 - Present


Tula launched in 2015 as a creative alternative for plants, education and design for indoor life. I have played a role in every aspect of building, launching, operating and evolving Tula.

As CEO and co-founder of Tula, Plants & Design I have successfully built a brand that is distinguishable and memorable in a rapidly growing and competitive market. Currently, my time is spent managing business operations, developing budgets and financial models and marketing strategies for e-commerce and brand recognition.