Design For All Living Things

Tula is for all living things.

Founded to bring us closer to nature without sacrificing style or sustainability.

Our ecosystem of design and creativity considers plants, people and planet so we might all grow wild together.

Creativity • Education • Experience

Tula tapped into the growing demand for plant care knowledge, modern planter design and the discoverability of unique plant species. Paired with collection-based planters made by local ceramicists, we positioned plants as living art forms versus inanimate objects. Tula was quickly considered the plant shop with the most unique plants, planters and knowledgeable staff. 

The challenge of selling a product that cannot be uniquely manufactured pushed us to develop a creative approach to our content, marketing, education and product offering. We created unique content and product to inspire our customers to think creatively about plants. We offer a free Plant Library, Plant Reads and Plant Sessions, coupled with exceptional customer service in store and online.  

We have developed personal relationships with large scale greenhouses, growers and independent ceramicists to maintain a unique and hard-to-find product offering.  

Customers trust that a visit to Tula will result in the discovery of a new plant, planter, indoor care fact and aspiration of design at home.