Case Study

Tula House

Co-Founder & CEO
November 2015 - Present

Tula House is a plant shop and content studio in Brooklyn, NY. Launched in 2015 as a creative alternative for plants, education and design for indoor life. I have played a role in every aspect of building, launching, operating and evolving Tula.

As CEO and co-founder of Tula House I have successfully built a brand that is distinguishable and memorable in a rapidly growing and competitive market. Currently, my time is spent managing business operations, developing budgets and financial models and marketing strategies for e-commerce and brand recognition.

History of Tula House

Tula House launched in 2015 after recognizing a growing interest in the natural world.

What intrigued us most about plants was the lack of creativity and education found in the competitive landscape. At the time, the plant world was homogeneous, from the representational lifestyle to the plants themselves. In response, we developed a brand that spoke directly to a young, curious, and design forward consumer.

In defining our business strategy we faced the challenge of a small budget, live product, and antiquated supply chain. Our strategy was to tap into the growing demand for plant care knowledge and the discoverability of unique plant species.

Tula House was therefore built upon three pillars; creativity, education and experience.

We first developed a unique shopping experience - Tulita the plant truck, the first plant truck of its kind. Simultaneously, we built strong relationships with local vendors to offer a hard-to-find and unique product that inspired discovery in an untapped market. Tula House shopping experience evolved from a custom built plant truck, to a renovated 100 year old warehouse into a dynamic and engaging e-commerce.

For content and marketing we created an in-house content studio to produce a constant stream of educational and entertaining content. This engaged our customers and inspired them to buy, and grow new plants.

Education being at the root of horticulture, it was engrained in the brand’s first interactions, communication and product offering. We have developed a plant library, plant care videos, an extensive blog, and offer a dedicated customer service email for those seeking additional plant care help. From day one, Tula House has been known for taking time with every customer to share knowledge and troubleshoot care issues. This has been an important factor in growing and maintaining our loyal customer base.

We succeeded in building an organic and loyal customer base who have followed us from our days selling from a plant truck, to a 1200 sq ft retail store and e-commerce site.

My partner and I have built a distinguishable brand in a rapidly growing industry. As more brands and consumers enter the market, Tula House remains a pillar of the plant world. Inspiring consumers and businesses alike to learn, discover and experience plants in a creative and modern way.

Positioning & Strategy

Welcome to Tula House

A botanical experience and plant shop based in Brooklyn, NY, offering a welcoming, playful, and educational  shopping experience for people who believe that - Plants Are Alive.

Creativity • Education • Experience

Tula House tapped into the growing demand for plant care knowledge, modern planter design and the discoverability of unique plant species. Paired with collection-based planters made by local ceramicists, we positioned plants as living things versus inanimate objects. Tula House was quickly viewed as the plant shop to discover unique plants, learn from our staff and resources, and gain inspiration from our original content. 

The challenge of selling a product that cannot be uniquely manufactured pushed us to develop a creative approach to our content, marketing, education and product offering. We created unique content and product to inspire our customers to think creatively about plants. We offer a free Plant Library, Plant Reads and Plant Sessions, coupled with exceptional customer service in store and online.  

We have developed personal relationships with large scale greenhouses, growers and independent ceramicists to maintain a unique and hard-to-find product offering.  

Customers trust that a visit to Tula House will result in the discovery of a new plant and learn a new plant care fact and gain inspiration to design with plants at home.