As the CEO of Tula, I make all strategic and operational decisions. 

At the core, I decide when, where and how to expand and grow the business. I manage all financial decisions, hiring, staffing and recognize when it is time to pivot.

One of my great strengths is to envision the big picture and the building blocks of how to achieve sustaining growth as a small business.

Over the years I have achieved growth and positioning to maintain our unique selling proposition. In doing so, Tula House has succeeded to welcome customers from all over the world and achieve impressive sales goals and revenue growth.    

Operations at a glance:

- Annual budget and revenue projections
- Strategy in response to economic shifts, cultural trends, and consumer demand to
avoid business disruption and pivot when and where needed
- Differentiation through product offering, content and marketing 
- Achieve average profit margin of 65%
- Business development 
- Marketing strategy
- Vendor relationships & merchandising
- HR; recruitment, interviews, hires, training and termination
- Business operations; insurance, accounting, taxes, and B2B vendors