Creative Director & Strategist
March 2013 - November 2015
New York, NY
Reason2Be was a full service advertising agency focused on the fashion and non-profit sector. An off shoot to award-winning production company Click 3X. My role was to develop the agency positioning, transition production clients to full service agency accounts and lead all campaigns as Creative Director. 

The initial obective was to brand and position Reason2Be as a full service agency serving companies in the fashion and non-profit sector. Developing the agency mission, process flow, client management tactics and executive team. 

We succeeded to transition existing Click 3X production accounts to full service agency clients and gain new business with cumulative accounts exceeding $2M in annual budgets.

As Creative Director & Strategist I developed and managed global marketing campaigns, content creation, team and client management as well as new business accounts.

Click 3X was acquired in 2018 by Industrial Color Studios.

Clients & Campaigns:

The Estee Lauder Companies Breast Cancer Awareness
Role: Creative Director and Strategist 

2013 Campaign
2014 Campaign
2015 Campaign

The Lymphoma Research Foundation
Role: Creative Director

2014 Campaign Video

Make Up Forever
Role: Creative Director

2014 Brand Essence Video 

Role: Creative Director

SMASHION! Interactive Video Game

Le Sac
Role: Creative Director
40th Anniversary Timeline Video  

Ralph Lauren
Role: Creative Director
Video banner ads