Founder & CEO
2010 - 2015
Paris, FR

ICU - IN PARIS was an online boutique showcasing curated designer collections in jewelry and accessories. While living in France, I recognized the early adoption of e-commerce for independent jewelry designers. In response to a lack of aesthetically pleasing and cohesive websites available, I designed the website, sourced designers, wrote all copy (French/English), took all photographs and built a team to support the growth and expansion of sales. We succeeded in the international press and the site launched numerous designers into the global eye.

This was a true experiene of rolling up my sleeves and teaching myself the foundations of content creation, creative direction, e-commerce design and digital advertising. 

Based in Paris, FR the site was available in English and French and represented independent jewelry and accessory designers from all over the world. ICU stood for Independent, Curated, Unique. In 2014 it evolved into a full service showroom and communications agency.  

ICU earned international press recognition.

All photography and lookbooks were produced and edited in house.