A strategy driven entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience creating, operating and building brands. I am a passionate marketer and strategic thinker with an innate ability to visualize the big picture and differentiate a product and brand in a competitive market.

With expertise in strategy, creative and marketing, I quickly articulate a brand story and develop business strategies that connect with the consumer audience and exceed business goals. I stand behind what I build and pride myself on being a hard worker, problem solver and motivational leader and co-worker.

Case Study

Tula Plants & Design

Co-Founder & CEO
November 2015 - Present


Tula launched in 2015 as a creative alternative for plants, education and design for indoor life. I have played a role in every aspect of building, launching, operating and evolving Tula.

As CEO and co-founder of Tula, Plants & Design I have successfully built a brand that is distinguishable and memorable in a rapidly growing and competitive market. Currently, my time is spent managing business operations, developing budgets and financial models and marketing strategies for e-commerce and brand recognition.

History of Tula

Tula began in 2015 with a big idea and a small budget. After recognizing a growing trend to explore the natural world, my co-founder, Ivan Martinez and I began to build the Tula brand.

What intrigued us most about plants was the lack of creativity and education found in competitive research. We quickly developed the mission, positioning, strategy and growth plan from there.

Tula’s unique approach to retail started with a mobile greenhouse. As former executives in experiential advertising, we knew the importance of a retail experience but were challenged with a small start-up budget. Instead of investing into a traditional brick-and-mortar we based our business from a studio in Bushwick and custom built a mobile greenhouse shop. This gave us the freedom to find our demographic and market the brand with significantly less costs than the average start-up. For three years, we utilized the truck to sell, market and build the loyal following we have today.

Since launching to the public in April of 2016, Tula’s business has grown 100% year over year.

Timeline  below of Tula’s retail path:

April 2016

Launched Tula with a mobile greenhouse truck and studio space.

November of 2018

Opened first brick-and-mortar retail location in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Went from selling from a 100 sq ft truck to an 800 sq ft retail location.

September of 2019

Expanded shop footprint by opening The Arid Room. A 300 sq ft corner soley dedeicated the cactus and succulents. The shop now spans over 1100 sq ft.

May of 2020

Launched e-commerce (www.tula.house)