Beginning in 2015, I recognized the demand for unique plants, planters and plant care knowledge. In response, I have cultivated relationships with greenhouses, growers and ceramicists from all over the world. The shop inventory has grown from 100 sq ft to 1200 sq ft. We have expanded into home decor, electronics and grow supplies. 

Annual and quarterly budgets are developed and utilized by all upper management. We have developed a clever cadence of buying and merchandising to move through product with a shrink rate of less than 2% per month. Average shrink rate in the industry is between 10-20%.

We hold weekly management meetings to brainstorm on what product needs to be moved - what should be highlighted on social and how to equip the staff to sell and meet their monthly sales goals. 

Alternating between hand picking product and digital orders, Tula’s product offering feels that each item has been hand selected and cared for with a meticulous eye. 


Additional areas of buying and merchandising I oversee:

- Vendor relations and development 
- In store product display and merchandising 
- Sourcing, negotiations and receival operations 
- International permitting, freight and custom clearance 
- Buying and merchandising for e-commerce and instore inventory